Boyke No.1: Beef Burrito Teriyaki

“There is Always a Way for Those Who are Trying”

-A quote from my friend who wants be a Chef his name is Boyke Fahreza, more story!
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Idea #Project: Daging Tumbuh

Idea #Project: Daging Tumbuh from Idea Channel Indonesia on Vimeo.

There are creative people, making a gallery concepted in a comic for any artist who want their artwork published in different and unique way. Daging Tumbuh!

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Music Review: Seaside

Masih teringat era kebangkitan anak-anak muda Indonesia didukung juga dengan acara musik di televisi yang masih berkualitas. Dimana saat itu muncul berbagai macam genre band salah satunya Indie Rock dengan pembawaan shoegaze yang khas. Kerinduan akan nuansamasa itu dibawakan kembali oleh Seaside! Image and video hosting by TinyPic

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The Next Generation Indonesia Skateboard Video!

“Its been a long time since I playing skateboard with my friends. And before or after We skate, We were always watching skateboarding video. Indonesian or International ‘we ate’ and after that we feel more zippy to play again”

I’ve watched many skateboarding video, but this one is different.. Although I just recently watched the trailer I feel like join them and come into play. I think, this is the next generaation of Indonesian Skateboarding video.

By. Ace

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

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